USA, Japan and India to evacuate their citizens from virus-affected areas in China, Air India jet on standby

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, Air India awaits a government decision on whether to move the jet to evacuate Indians in China 

An Air India Boeing 747 jet, 423 seater, double decker jumbo aircraft with 12 crew members, has been put on standby for the evacuation of Indians (including medical students) from Chinas Wuhan city where the coronavirus outbreak has already claimed the lives of 81 people and the administration has shut down the entire city to prevent the spreading of the virus.

US and Japan are also evacuating theircitizens. We also wrote to the PMO on 25th January to evacuate the Indian citizens, including the medical students.

Points being resolved –

  1. No crew member gets infected in the process
  2. Full-body protection kits are being made available to them
  3. Prevent aircraft becoming a carrier of the virus.

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