Every adversity is an opportunity: COVID-19 will end with a healthier society (For attention of Doctors)

  1. We have got an answer to pollution health emergency: Lock down for a week. In Anand Vihar we are seeing PM 2.5 levels of 24 -50.


  1. In Nigam Bodh Ghat: number of deaths 21 on 24th March

In January 1976, there was a strike in Los Angeles County, California. Doctors went on strike against the increasing medical malpractice insurance premiums. Over a period of five weeks, nearly half of the doctors in the county reduced their practice and withheld care for anything except emergency services. An analysis by Cunningham and colleagues noted that the strike may have actually prevented more deaths than it caused.

The study, “Doctors strikes and mortality: A review,” suggests that elective, or non-emergency surgery, tends to stop during  doctors strike, which seems to be  a major factor. Mortality showed a steady decline from week one (21 deaths/100,000 population) to weeks six (13) and seven (14), when mortality rates were found to be lower than the averages of the previous five years.

  1. TB notification will increase. Over next three months, all cases of cough will go for testing and more TB cases will be detected. In initial phase, there will be drop as patients may like to self-isolate for two weeks for any cough.
  2. Long-term reduction in typhoid, diarrhea and jaundice due to frequent hand washing.
  3. Long-term reduction of flu season in the coming months.

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Dr KK Aggarwal

President CMAAO, HCFI and Past National President IMA

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