Use the metro to check air pollution and improve your health

As part of the Delhi Metro’s 25 year anniversary celebrations, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has roped in celebrities, social activists and healthcare experts in an effort to encourage citizens to ditch private vehicles and use the Metro in its place, reported the Hindustan Times. A series of video messages are being circulated via the DMRC’s Twitter and Facebook pages as part of its #25YearsOlderAndWiser initiative, which includes quizzes, games and facts about the metro.

Delhi has become synonymous with air pollution. Delhi has been experiencing high air pollution levels for the past few years and it seems that air pollution is now here to stay.

Public participation and cooperation in efforts to reduce air pollution is essential to reduce air pollution and its harmful effects.

I extend my heartiest congratulations to DMRC for its 25 year anniversary celebrations.

As part of this initiative launched by DMRC, I request all of you to use the metro to commute on at least 25 days of the month. This will be our small contribution to improve air quality in Delhi and in turn, the health of all its citizens. Sometimes, small things make a big difference …

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