Look for the positive in every moment in life: Chandrayan-2 is not a failure

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” said Henry Ford.

There is no failure in life; it is either success or an experience, which acts as a stepping stone towards success.

According to Yoga Vasistha, we are all living in a world of opposites. When we think of day, we automatically think of night. Similarly, for hatred, the word that immediately comes to mind is love; for wellness – disease, for sukh (happiness) – dukh (sorrow) and so on.

But, remember, extremes are less than 5%; majority fall somewhere in the middle. Instead of saying that someone is poor or rich, say “less rich”.

All negative sentences should be converted to positive or semi-positive sentences.

Chandrayan-2 is not a failure. India has reached the moon even though we may not be able to communicate with it. So, it is a success and not a failure. Probably a decade back, just reaching the moon would have been classified as impossible. Efforts are ongoing to establish a communication with the lander. If not this time, there will be a next time. Therefore, instead of saying that the project is 95% successful, let us say that it has been 100% successful in reaching the moon.

Look for the positive in every moment in life.

This is what I said when I took over as President, CMAAO. Instead of saying that I am 61 years of age, I say that I am 20 years old, with 41 years of experience.

It’s all in the mind… it is how you think. A more proactive and positive approach is the key.

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