Join the Delhi Andolan on Monday, 29th July

The National Medical Commission Bill 2019 has been approved by the Union cabinet and has been tabled in the Parliament. The Bill provides for setting up of a National Medical Commission (NMC) in place of Medical Council of India (MCI) and repeal of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has called for a Delhi Andolan on Monday, 29th July, 2019 to protest against the Bill. It is planned to march to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare at Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi in the forenoon (morning).

On Monday, all doctors wearing their white apron and stethoscope will march to Nirman Bhawan and form a human chain. It will be a silent demonstration without any slogans.

IMA HQs will function as a Control Room for the entire operation. A coordination meeting will be held in IMA HQs at 8 PM on Sunday, 28th July, 2019. All the State Presidents & Secretaries are expected to join the meeting.

Arrangements for the stay of doctors, which includes accommodation, hospitality and transport have also been made by HQs.

This agitation is the culmination of our struggle against NMC Bill for the last 3 years. All State Branches are expected to mobilize at least 1% of their membership to the agitation.

The 1% of the collective consciousness of people decides what 99% will do. This is based on the famous 100th monkey phenomenon. One percent is the critical mass and once this mass is reached, the information well spread like a wild fire and the intent becomes a universal reality.

So, it is time that we join hands to show our solidarity to the cause of the medical profession.

I appeal to you to join the Aandolan and strengthen it further to make it a memorable success.

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