IMA Policy on Antibiotics

IMA Policy on Antibiotics

 At the Antimicrobial Resistance Conference, held in New Delhi yesterday, to discuss the IMA Antibiotic Policy, the following decisions were taken.

  • Doctors should write the antibiotic in a box to differentiate it from other drugs in the prescription.
  • The role of antibiotics should be discussed in an informed consent.
  • When prescribing antibiotics, clear instructions should be given to the patient about no refill of antibiotic prescription without signature of the doctor.
  • No antibiotic cover or prophylactic antibiotic should be given without a high degree of clinical suspicion.
  • No antibiotics should be prescribed in following conditions:

o    Small bowel diarrhea

o    Fever with cough and cold

o    Dengue

o    Chikungunya

o    Malaria

o    Fever with rash

  • Early initiation of antibiotics is the rule in suspected sepsis, bacterial pneumonia, meningitis and confirmed TB.
  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) should make it mandatory for food companies to label all poultry and agriculture products as “Antibiotic-free”.
  • IMA will be writing to the Health Ministry to formulate clear guidelines about safer disposal of left over antibiotics.

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