IMA calls for nationwide 24-hour strike today to protest against NMC Bill 2019

Non essential services will be withdrawn from 6am today to 6am Thursday

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has called for a strike today, across the country, to protest against the National Medical Commission Bill 2019 passed by the Lok Sabha on Monday.

All non-essential services will be withdrawn from 6 am on Wednesday, 31st July till 6 am on 1st August, Thursday. Emergency, Casualty, ICU and related services will function normally.

Public demonstrations and hunger strikes will be organized by all the state and local branches.

Approval of this undemocratic NMC Bill 2019 has jeopardized the healthcare and medical education in the country. It also provides for licensing of unqualified non medical persons enabling them to practice modern medicine, under Section 32 ‘Community Health Provider’ of the Bill.

“The Community Health Provider may prescribe specified medicine independently, only in primary and preventive healthcare, but in cases other than primary and preventive healthcare, he may prescribe medicine only under the supervision of medical practitioners registered under sub-section (I) of section 32.”

Patient benefit and safety is first and foremost for us. Now by getting a license, even persons without a medical background will be eligible to practice modern medicine and prescribe independently. This will promote quackery and endanger the lives of patients, especially the poor and the marginalized sections of the society.

IMA rejects the draconian NMC Bill 2019 in toto in its present format. It is unacceptable to us.

This Bill affects us all. It takes away our professional autonomy, which is not in the interest of society. Therefore, I request all of you to join in this protest and express solidarity with the movement.

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