FAQs on National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill 2019 (Part 3)

NMC to ensure due weightage to theoretical and clinical skill sets

Dr KK Aggarwal

“Clause 15: NEXT Exam

Medical Education (ME) is a specialized area with high focus on technical skill sets. A common final year undergraduate examination (NEXT) with common standards of knowledge and skills for Doctors on a Nation-wide basis.

An enabling provision has been made to ensure common standards. Regulations for operationalizing the NEXT would be made in due course keeping in mind importance of both theoretical as well as clinical skill sets required at the level of UG.

Composition of NMC includes 75% doctors representing Central and States Institutions/Councils and health universities. Such a composition of NMC will ensure that due weightage to theoretical as well as clinical skill sets is adhered to. There is a 3 year window before NEXT becomes operational, leaving ample scope for detailed negotiations on the contours of the exam.”

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